Cell Phone Charges Killing You?

What if I showed you how to save a bundle?


Use it more often and pay less!

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything new and you can hardly afford their worn out hand me downs?

Once you learn this advantage, that frustration will melt away like an ice cube on a scorching hot day. The obvious solution is just to have more money, but an easier way to get there is by saving on what you already spend!


Most cellular providers push you into a plan that covers your maximum usage, or you risk being charged even higher rates if you go over. In fact many of us pick expensive unlimited plans just to avoid this.

What if you could only pay for what you actually use and go back to $6 to begin each new month, with No Contract?
I Found A Way We CAN!

I realize not everyone uses their cellular service as little as I do (I mostly use wi-fi), but the majority can still save a lot of money and even get big discounts for sharing what we know.

I was paying $39 a month before I switched, then my first bill dropped to only $15 and they gave me $25 to sign up, so I ended up paying nothing! I told a couple of friends what I did and when they signed up, I got another $75. The strange thing is, I am using the exact same towers as I was at the higher rate and could not tell any difference (until I saw the bill).

After a few months, I felt comfortable ditching my old hand me down phone and got a brand new Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) from my provider and I liked it so much I upgraded to the (4th Gen) when it came out and gave the old one to my wife!

Even with BOTH of us on my account, the bill is still lower than what I was paying for just me before!

I thought all this saving was pretty special, but when I got an email from them on how I could save even more by making calls on Wi-Fi with Google Hangout Dialer, it made me realize they really do care more about me than the money.

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